Specialist II, Grants & Contracts

Job description

Rhode Island Higher Education & Industry Centers of the Rhode Island Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner seeks to hire a development professional to help procure grants and funding for expansion of our educational and workforce development programs. The position is grant-funded, expiring 12/31/24. This is a full-time position.


Prepare and review grant or contract proposals and award documents; negotiate agreements with governmental and private sponsors on behalf of RIOPC in accordance with relevant federal, state, council, and other grantor guidelines; draft or compile subcontracts and contracts as needed; develop budgets and other administrative details of proposals; identify potential sources of external funding using criteria provided; adopt new computer technology for electronic transmission of proposals; and execute related duties as assigned.

  • Draft high-quality written materials for potential funders, including grant proposals, letters, reports, mailers, and acknowledgements required to support ongoing development activities.
  • Compose and review proposals for external funding and review agreements, award documents, subcontracts, purchase orders, or other sponsored-programs vehicles to assure compliance with all federal, state, council and other grantor requirements and accuracy.
  • Responsible for the negotiation and finalization of subcontracts in collaboration with the Executive Director, the Assistant Commissioner for Student Success, or the Commissioner of Postsecondary Education.
  • Adapt new technologies for electronic transmission of proposals by government funding agencies, non-governmental funding agencies, or other sponsors, as required.
  • Draft or compile appropriate agreements, subcontracts, or contracts for sponsored programs and projects, taking into account relevant requirements, statutes, regulations, and policies. Develop narratives and budgets for project proposals. Meet with RIOPC staff, staff of URI, RIC, and CCRI, as well as other state and non-governmental partners. Knowledge of Federal New Uniform Guidance required.
  • Build and maintain an electronic database containing factors that affect allowable costs, tracking expenses, reimbursements, grant start and end dates, and other necessary requirements.
  • Work with grantors on administrative and fiscal aspects of the project proposals, awards, and amendments, in accordance with relevant federal, state, council, and grantor requirements.
  • Supervise clerical and technical personnel as assigned; execute related duties as required.


Bachelor’s degree; Demonstrated experience in business, accounting, public administration, or a related field; Minimum of three years’ experience in a grant-related position; Demonstrated experience in preparing and submitting grant project proposals, budgets, agreements, contracts and subcontracts in a university, hospital, or similar non-profit setting; Demonstrated knowledge of government software packages for electronic transmission of proposals; Demonstrated knowledge of principles and practices of budgeting for public sector university sponsored projects; Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills; Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills; Demonstrated presentation skills; Demonstrated computer experience (i.e. word processing, database, and spreadsheet functions); Demonstrated familiarity with federal, state, and sponsor level requirements for sponsored projects; Demonstrated supervisory experience; and demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.


Master’s degree

All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.


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