Workforce Training

Westerly Education Center partners with busineses, industry associations, job placement organizations and higher education institutions to offer a variety of courses specific to a career path or new job openings. Some are pre-employment; some are for newly hired employees. Nearly all are free for the participant. The courses change frequently so please check back if you don't see something that meets your needs today. 

Customer Service, Call Center Basics, Banking, Cash Handling, Sales

NEW! Interviews for this training will be held October 19, 24 and 26 from 10 a.m. to noon at Westerly Education Center.

This is a free training provided by Connecting for Children & Families, CCRI Division of Workforce Partnerships, Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies and Rhode Island College Office of Continuing Studies and Professional Education, and is perfect for anyone interested in working entry-level in sales, customer service and banking. Participants will learn the components of a banking portfolio, basics of bank telling, handling cash transactions, understanding borrowing and financial assets, communications skills in person and via telephone, sales strategies, customer relationship management, and more. 

NRI Career Academy is coordinating the course and providing assistance with transportation, professional attire and food pantry needs for the participants as well as serving as liaison between the class and Rhode Island employers. A financial incentive is available for students who successfully complete the course, which will start on November 13. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact Cynthia or Felix at 401-258-8086 or email Cynthia at

CCF’s Workforce Development Program offers education and skill development to students seeking good jobs and enhanding their career paths. Job training, professional development, and ongoing workforce development classes are offered for high demand, high growth industries such as financial services (banking, call centers, bookkeeping), healthcare and food services. English as a Second Language classes are offered to improve participants’ language skills as a key step to enhancing employability. In addition to group classes, CCF provides individualized employment coaching and counseling, job search and interviewing techniques, resume writing, and career planning services


Process Technology

This bootcamp-style training will rapidly educate men and women in several of the disciplines used in process technology. The 10-week course, taught by CCRI instructors, will familiarize individuals in chemical processing and government regulations; safety and workplace responsibilities; physical properties and determinations; chemical calculations; handling chemicals; pressure and vacuum; sampling; fluid mechanics and plumbing; computer control and monitoring systems; standard operating procedures; basic electricity; process operations; and soft skills. This job skills training program will combine classroom and hands-on instruction with instrumentation and software. No experience is necessary and a GED or high school diploma is required. Industries needing process technologists in RI and CT include health science, pharmaceutical, materials tewting, medical research, brewing, consumer product and food manufacturing. 

If you are interested in this career path training with preferred hiring status, contact Skills for Rhode Island's Future at 401-680-5960. The course is underway and will be repeated in 2019. 


Maritime Pipefitting, Sheetmetal and Electrical training

These are 40-hour/week, 5-6 week foundational courses taught by CCRI instructors that mix classroom instruction with hands-on learning. Upon successful completion, students will meet Electric Boat standards for the entry-level skills necessary for modern naval shipbuilding, which includes the construction of 10 Virginia-class submarines. In 2021, Electric Boat will begin construction of its Ohio-Replacement ballistic missile submarines. The contracts propel the need to hire thousands of new employees to fulfill the contractual obligations as well as replace retiring workers. 

No prior experience is required. Positions for these three Electric Boat trades are available in both North Kingstown (RI) and Groton (CT). Hirees for RI are paid during the training period. Candidates for Groton employment are paid a stiped and mileage reimbursement. Employment at either shipyard has 5 conditions: 1)Are you willing to work all shifts? 2)Are you a U.S. citizen? 3)Are you at least 18 years old? 4)Are you able to pass a pre-employment physical including a hair follicle drug test? and 5)Are you able to apply for Department of Defense security clearance? If you answer yes to all of these questions, please apply at If you need assistance applying, please call the Electric Boat employment office at 401-268-2400.