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Rhode Island College Announces Spring Trainings and Workshops

Enrollment is now open for the following educational offerings in Westerly:

Developing a Winning Resume and Cover Letter - Your Personal Marketing Material
February 29
10:00 am to noon
This class will focus on the importance of both form and content in building a successful resume. Learn to look at your resume as a strategic document and gain an understanding of what to include. Effective ways to present your experience together with ideas for keeping the energy level of your resume up will be covered. Techniques for building a strong cover letter to accompany your resume will also be outlined. For those who would like feedback on a current resume, time will be reserved at the end of the presentation for "quick critiques" that will offer instant feedback.

Cool Talk - Interviewing Skills
March 21
10:00 am to noon
This class will focus on how to prepare for a job interview. We wil examine what you can and cannot control and plan appropriate strategies. Some common interview questions ("Tell me about yourself...") will be discussed and techniques for responding will be covered. Plan ahead for the all-important day by honing your skills with us in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere where you can try out your ideas among those who are facing the same hurdle.

The Teaching and Practice of Environmental Sustainability
SUST 350C/550C
February 21 to May 30
4:00 - 6:50 pm
3 credit hours

This course will first explore a selection of the classics of environmental literature; discuss and debate the concept -- in theory and practice  -- of sustainable living from a range of perspectives; examine arguments for moving toward more sustainable patterns of economic and socio-cultural values; and demonstrate examples of effective lesson plans and activities for sustainability. Foundational readings on environmental sustainability, resilience, climate, ecology,  habitat, vital resources (food, water, and energy) and economy will ground course participants in a holistic understanding of the complexity of the issues. Teachers will be challenged to draw from their own expertise using their content knowledge and classroom experience to design innovative units that integrate the lessons of sustainability in ways that will inspire students.
Course Fee: $750 for undergraduate pre-service teachers and $969 for in-service teachers


Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education

Rhode Island College's Professional Studies and Continuing Education (PSCE) extends the educational offerings and resources of RIC and provides administrative programming support and assistance to affiliated agencies and organizations on and off campus. 

PSCE units and programs include Continuing Education, Summer Sessions, Early Spring Session, Faculty-Led Travel, Outreach Programs, Career Development Center, RI STEAM Center, ESL Intensive and ExCEL Programs, Economic and Leadership Development, Sustainability Programs, Langevin Center for Design, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing and various cultural and community programs. 

PSCE needs, values and depends on our campus and community partners to support effective programs.  All CE courses and programs are offered in cooperation with RIC schools and departments. For partnering agencies and organizations, PSCE provides assistance with establishing courses and workshops and with identifying College resources that support continuing education activities. Rhode Island College has a long history of providing such assistance to business and industry and to public and private schools and agencies.